MEMS® smart packages combined with medAmigoTM
AARDEX cloud-based platform is an integrated system that measures
and enhances patient adherence to medications. 

ISO 9001 certified, Swiss madeCE-marked
HIPAA compatible, compliant with FDA 21CFR part 11 
Audited by 10 largest pharma companies

MEMS® smart packages, medAmigoTM and other AARDEX solutions have been used in 1,000s of clinical trials, leading to more than

monitored patients
peer-reviewed research papers

We are

a trusted health brand for the security and continuity of your data.

We are

a professional support services to assist users with the implementation, and analysis of their adherence data. In hardware design, software customization, and/or data analysis. We provide end-to-end service from package design to production

We are

your best partner to scale-up and international implementation of your adherence programs (MEMS have been successfully been used in >70 countries across all continents)

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